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by Tammy Tew

Tammy's looklet: #1: Surprise, surprise

By tammytew · February 10, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Hello hello

Do you still remember playing with paper dolls? and then came the ever popular dollmaker website?
Ever mixed and match outfits at a store but didn't end up taking a photo of the entire look because the shop keeper was staring at you.
I have something that is going to blow your mind, take the idea of paper dolls to the next level.

Check this out.

As it states, "Bring your looks to life with different models, sets and effects. SHARE YOUR FASHION WITH THE WORLD!"
Mix and match garments, bags, accessories to create a look that you desire. Looklet offers a wide range of designers to choose from, of course, my favorite! Marc by Marc Jacobs!
Designers include, Burberry, Cheap Monday, Mulberry, Proenza Schouler, Topshop, even Lanvin for H&M, the list goes on! trust me!

You can pick from a range of models that is most appropriate for your look! short hair, long hair, different styles! :D

Even backgrounds! to suit the mood of your theme, it's like you're styling your very own photoshoot!:)

Other than backgrounds, you can also test out different types of photo effects and mirror the image.

Probably one of my favorite things about looklet is that, they allow you to do the most realistic thing in fashion; manipulate the garment with a belt, wear a buttoned shirt as a jacket, carry bags in different ways. I've attached an example, have a look.:)

Here is my very first looklet look: I've named it [Surprise, surprise]
I named it [Surprise, surprise] because I wanted to play kinda a boy meets girls look, something that you wouldn't expect.
The reason why I picked this red-head model is firstly because I'm obsessed with red head models!
Secondly, I wanted someone that obviously had a very feminine feel to her look.
I put her in all black because I wanted to bring out color without actually incoporating any color, the redness from her hair and the bold yellow from the mulberry bag-> that I'm dying to have!
Playing with something that is a little more masculine on an obviously very feminine girl, I think there's an amount of suspense and surprise in her fashion.
I remember Kiyoko telling me that, bow ties were in fashion this year, and I wanted to see how I could play with the androgynous fashion look.
Playing with shape, minusing the curves by wearing strong shaped clothing, a tiny hint of a power shoulder, giving a horse-riding-esque feel to theme.
Soft yet strong.
The oufit was created with: a bow tie from Paul & friends, Shoulder bag from Mulberry, Ring from topshop, Turtle neck from burberry, Comme des Garcon for H&M, wedges are from Kenzo if you were wondering:)



I think that the wedges are mad cool, here is a close up on the wedges!

It's a really fun interactive website that I would say is fairly realistic, it is apparant that a lot of work has been put in to make this website as realistic as possible.

Why do I say that? It was one of the very first things I noticed, the creases and how it sits on your body is really important. Because garments are a 2D form that are going to sit on a 3D form [our bodies] the crease and the way it sits is really important to make the outfit as realistic as possible. It's not going to just lay flat on you like a penguin suit!

<strong>I definitely recommend it, it may not have the "newest" collection of every single designer but hey! I'm sure they're on it as we're speaking!

With that said, I would like to tag my fellow onsugar fashion forward bloggers/beauty bloggers! Hit me with your best shot! After you have written your post, leave me a reply, I would love to see what you've come up with! </strong>
Sundaylovexo- http://sundaylovexo.onsugar.com/
malchristine- http://malchristine.onsugar.com/
bedazzlesafterdark- http://bedazzlesafterdark.onsugar.com/
Rachel C- http://atfirstblush.onsugar.com/
Brazen beauty- http://brazenbeauty.onsugar.com/
kiyokoyasuda- http://littlestitchlover.onsugar.com/
tanyafash- http://thebizarrealwaysbitters.onsugar.com/
simple LUXE-http://simpleluxe.onsugar.com/
everbluec- http://everbluec.onsugar.com/
the-crimson-petal- http://the-crimson-petal.onsugar.com/

For those that I didn't tag on onsugar, I welcome you to test it out as well! and other types of blogs! blogspot, wordpress, tumblr! Please also recommend it to your friends! and ask them to post a reply here!

The possibilities are endless!
Good luck
toodles till later

posted by Looklet

Welcome to LOOKLET! We love reading your post on what you appreciate and you can bet we're hunting down new items everyday to keep the ever-growing wardrobe up to date.

Have fun styling, we can't wait to see what you'll come up with in future looks.


posted by

My very first Looklet look posted! :) Challenge completed. Hope you enjoy. I love your look!

P.S. I'm madly addicted now

x Carly

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Got mine up and going, check it out girl. Thanks for the challenge!

posted by

Oh waw thanks girlie....xxx

posted by

Wow, that looks like fun! Haha, and yes, I do remember the doll dress up websites! I can't wait to try it.

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:Brazenbeauty: no worries! yea! let me know when you've created your very own looklet look! post a reply here!
:JayMarie: :) you'll love it! I hope you have fun with it! Show me your creations!

posted by

Thanks muchies Tammy!! ^__^ (for commenting in my blogspot blog!) Hahaha, I've been blogging so much in blogspot, maybe I could start a new blog in onsugar? We'll see !! hehehe...

This website is too much fun... HAhaha



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I created mine! Perfect for weekend errands. http://looklet.com/look/10355925

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Cendana K: I hope you have lots of fun on the website!:) thanks for stopping by!
Rachel C: Hi love! thanks for tweeting me yesterday! awesome! they look great!:) I hope you had fun with the program!!xx

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Hi! I did the tag : http://icefrost.onsugar.com/Tag-Your-fashion-line-using-Lookletcom-14086600
Thanks for tagging me :)

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