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by Tammy Tew

Hungry for accessories? series 2: A.L. Designs

By tammytew · February 13, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Source: All pictures are from an external source unless stated otherwise.
<span style="font-size: x-small;"><strong>Note: This is in no way a sponsered ad, I don't know anyone from A.L. designs personally nor have spoken to anyone. These are my purest, truest, most untouched thoughts.:)

Remember, remember! you don't have to be a member to comment! I want to hear from you!</strong></span>


Hello hello</p>

First of all, I want to say, Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amount of support you've given me:)
Thank you to all the people that participated in the little challenge from Looklet, and a special thank you to Looklet for commenting on my post! It meant the world to me.
I hope you had lots of fun! There are still a few of you I'm waiting to see!:) Good luck!
Words cannot express how grateful I am, everytime I see the number of views multiply- not because I'm doing it for the views but because I know I've caught your attention and made that 3 minutes of reading, a remarkable experience for you.
I could go and on and on and on and on but lets get back to the real deal! but seriously guys, you rock.


This is the second post of Hungry for accesories? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check this out. :)
Hungry for accesories? series 1: EASE DESIGN
Today, I wanted to introduce you to a local Singapore designer, I actually found her on Etsy.com,
I won't go too much into Etsy because I wanted to dedicate an entire post to them but here's a little treat, Etsy.com is basically like an online handcraft, DIY, vintage, really fun, artsy markerplace.
The concept of Etsy is pretty awesome. It's a website where designers, artist, really anyone creative, can show off their talent or even share a piece of history with you through vintage pieces.
Etsy.com is definitely one of my favorite websites, I could just sit there for hours and hours and browse through pages.
If you think about it, it really is a community of talent!

With that said, I want to feature A.L. Designs in this series!
A.L. Designs features handcrafted items, such as accessories, phone charms, cases and many many more!
I would describe comming across her Etsy page as being a spontaneous moment, and I was pleasantly surprised that we were from the same place and of course her finely crafted food! earrings totally caught my attention.
Lucky for you, I'm not going to bore you on how much I like food-inspired accessories, let's go straight to the point!
Even though, I was born in the U.S, went to an international school for most of my life, I'm very proud of my Chinese Heritage, and of course! I can't dedicate my love of food-inspired items to only my Western side. I'm going to dedicate this series to only Chinese food.
The series I'm about to show you, contains earrings that are created from clay.
Here's what happened in a nutshell- I was searching up ang-ku-kueh on Etsy.->yep, that's how I spend my time:)
Ang ku kueh?! What is that..!?
Well.. truth be told, I can't give you a fancy, glittered up definition but I will give you this, it is a traditional chinese pastry that is kinda soft, and sticky with a sweet filling on the inside.

Here is a real image of an Ang Ku Kueh pastry

Have a look at this, and you'll know what I mean! Of course, again, again, there is absolutely tooooo much amazing items to choose from, so here are my favorites! check out the rest at - http://www.etsy.com/people/aldesigns?ref=ls_profile

Ang Ku Keuh [studs] Smooth surface.
Seriously you guys, this is insane, it is absolutely crazy how much it resembles the real thing! well besides the fact that it is 3 times smaller and inedible.

This is the rough surface version of the Ang Ku Kueh.

uh.. I want it! I definitely like the smooth version but ahhh, I'm indecisive! I'm loving both!

The chinese pork bun earrings!

Double Happiness Cookies! [studs] These are the rough surface. Another thing I really like about A.L. Designs is that they also consider people that might not like the rough surface, in which case, they might prefer the same earrings but with a smooth surface.

Double Happiness Cupcakes and cookie Ring I-
lovelovelove! actually would totally wear this! I wish they had an Ang Ku Kueh ring and pendant! ahaha, crazy Tammy!

</p> <p>Okay... I know this isn't exactly an accessory but I'm in loveeeee with them! MOONCAKES! omg? love

I love this series by A.L. Designs.
I think it's a type of nostalgia, a surreal state that you're left in when you come across items that you've grown up with, it's absolutely beautiful.
Every Chinese New Year, celebrations with family, you name it, silent moments that are irreplaceable.
Having studied abroad for a while now, to a certain extent, I've felt lost and I know it sounds silly! but occasionally, little items like that, really really cheer me up! and reminds me how much I miss home.

I hope you've enjoyed that, yep. I have a big weakness for food-inspired items, what's new right? but what I like even more about A.L. Design is that....
I read up about A.L. Designs' [About me] section on her Etsy website and one of her reasons behind creating A.L. Designs was to share her designs with everyone.
She described her design beginnings as being very personal, to create interesting pieces for herself but quickly fell in love with this craft and thought, what would be better than having a community where people with similar interest could come together and share their thoughts hence, A.L. Designs was born!
I have a lot of respect based on that because I think sharing what you love with someone else is the purest form of sincerity.
There really is too much to write about, remember! There are way more designs on the official website and the Etsy page!
For more designs from A.L. Designs, please check out

Good luck Adrine!
Toodles till later

Tell me, which piece are you hungry for?:)

I'm coming home, I'm coming home. tell the world, I'm coming home.


posted by

ooooooooooomg u totally need to get the pork bao :D
then it'll match your hello kitty bao accessory XD

posted by Adrine

Hi Tammy,

Really nice reading your blog. Thank you so much for writing about A.L. Designs on your blog.
Appreciate that really alot. :)
Hope you get more and more viewers :) I know how it feels when you get more viewers attention :)
Let me know if you need any assistance when you visit my store :)
Wish you great success in whatever you do. :)

Warmest hugs and love always ,

posted by

Kiyoko: haha, i know how cute is it! I'm completely in love with these!

Adrine: Thank you sooo much for stopping by my blog, it meant a lot! I hope I did your accessories justice in my blog. You're such a talented designer! I'll definitely be contacting you to get some items! soooo excited!!:)
Best wishes!

posted by

i thought the pork buns are actually lychees! hahaha. they're all so adorable, though. sometimes i really wish i wouldn't have stretched my earlobes, so i could still rock some earrings. oh well.. :) & i'm going to create some looklet designs tomorrow! i haven't been feeling well the past view days.. plus, my husband was occupying the computer while I have to sit in front of my tiny 12" net book. poor me! i took a look at the website though and it seems a ton of fun!

posted by

Hi Tammy!!! So nice to meet you. You have a lovely blog here!
Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I'll be sure to visit again soon!

posted by

ColdColdGround: haha, I know it's crazy huh! I can't wait to see your looklet designs! xx
TammyGirl: :) Thank you! We should totally plan a Tammy double issue haha!

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